Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the novella: Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

October 27 - November 12, 2023

Dive deep into the dark corners of the human psyche with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a chilling drama that explores the dual nature of humanity and the sinister shadows that lurk within us all.

Cast & Production


Dr. Henry Jekyll
Justin Shaffer
Elizabeth Jelkes
Erin Tetour
Edward Hyde #1 and Others
Mark Drinnenberg
Edward Hyde #2 and Others
Matthew Craig
Edward Hyde #3 and Others
Kevin Connerty
Edward Hyde #4 and Others
Janice Zimmerman
Carrie Armstrong
Meredith Fernandez

Creative Team

Jeffrey Hatcher
Original Author
Robert Louis Stevenson
Casey Audrain
Stage Manager
Randy Margison
Jennifer Biel Franco
Assistant Stage Manager
Kevin Kelly
Set/Lights Design
Mark Audrain
Sound Designer
Michael Kavka
Costume Designer
Lindsey Badtke
Iva Trocke
Guy Finley

Meet The Cast

About The Show

Delve into the dark and mysterious world of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” masterfully adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the iconic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. This riveting production takes you on a thrilling journey into the dual nature of humanity, as Dr. Henry Jekyll, a respected scientist, grapples with his own inner demons. His experiments lead to the creation of his sinister alter ego, Mr. Edward Hyde, unleashing a wave of violence and chaos on the streets of Victorian London. As the lines between good and evil blur, the audience is left questioning the true nature of morality, identity, and the power of transformation. With a talented cast and a story that has captivated audiences for generations, this is a theatrical experience you won’t want to miss. Secure your tickets now and prepare to be enthralled by the dark allure of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

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