Season 59

2019 - 2020

My glasses steamed up with laughter...A must for the bruised in spirit and the young at heart.

It's okay, there's still time.

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One of the best rock scores ever produced. This is an angry, difficult, demanding and rewarding show.

Theatre at its finest! [...] Absurdly enjoyable! This gleefully theatrical riff on Hitchcock's film is fast and frothy, performed by a cast of four that seems like a cast of thousands.

[It’s a] play that flirts with surrealism…but because he writes such good scenes it’s nevertheless heartbreaking and hopeful, suggesting the possibility that, even in old age, people can make choices that may produce a gentler landing.

Something rare, dangerous and harrowing … a roman candle hurled into a drawing room …

Nicholas de Jongh — London Evening Standard Tweet

At the heart of musical comedy; big warm-hearted, funny and overflowing!

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