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More Than Just Tickets: A Journey with Value

In the captivating world of theatre, every moment, every emotion, and every act is an investment in experience. This season, PM&L Theatre enhances this value proposition for its esteemed patrons. Introducing our Season 61 subscriptions – a curated passage to the world of drama, music, and unforgettable tales. Beyond just securing your seat for each stellar performance, a subscription is your ticket to unparalleled savings. Delight in every act, immerse in every story, and relish the advantage of up to 15% off. After all, the true essence of theatre isn’t just the spectacle on stage, but the harmony of unmatched experiences at unmatched value. Join us for the season, and let the savings be the encore to each performance.

Dive deep into the diverse tapestry of tales that Season 61 offers, with a subscription that crafts an uninterrupted theatrical journey. Picture yourself being enveloped in the intrigue and humor of the 1940s with The Musical Comedy Murders, or preparing to navigate the hilarity of a Zombie Apocalypse. Feel the intense duality with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and bask in the heartfelt magic of Miracle on 34th Street. Let the vibrant land of Oz sweep you off your feet, get engrossed in the evocative tale of The Curious Incident, witness the transformative stories of Bill W & Dr. Bob, and groove to the captivating melodies of Ain’t Misbehavin’. Every subscription guarantees more than just shows — it promises a range of emotions, adventures, and memories that linger. Choose the key to unlock all these doors. Embrace the entirety of Season 61 with a single, cherished commitment.

The Freedom of Theatre, On Your Terms

For those who crave flexibility and wish to dance to their own theatrical tempo, our passes are your perfect companion. Offering you the liberty to select your shows without being bound to dates at the time of purchase, these passes redefine spontaneous theatre enjoyment. Dive into the world of PM&L, explore the varied tales of Season 61, and choose your dates when the moment feels right. It’s theatre, tailored to your rhythm and schedule. Passes: the perfect blend of choice and convenience.


Seniors (Over 60)

Students (Pre-K - 12)

The Fine Print

  • All sales are final. No refunds. Reservation exchanges are readily available in advance of show dates.
  • Subscription tickets are fully transferable.
  • Special Events including the annual holiday production are not eligible for subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, after a lot of study we decided this season to change our subscription model to one used by every other theatre company we studied. Under our new policy you will pick your show dates at the time you purchase your subscription. As we give our subscribers early access to purchase the season, you will secure the best seats for the performance of your choosing before the season opens.


However, once we open sales to the general public, seats for the entire season will be available for purchase. So, in order to obtain exclusive access to seats, you need to purchase your subscription before ticketing opens to the public.

We know that plans can change and offer a generous exchange policy for all of our ticket sales. While you need to pick dates for your subscription at the time of purchase, you can easily exchange them for another performance if needed before your reservation date for that show. You won't have your preferred seats, but can still make a reservation.

We maintained our previous system for a very long time. However, times and preferences have changed. Also, the process of reserving sales for each show and not putting a show on sale until after that process has concluded for each show can hamper individual seat sales. On top of that, it was a logistical and technical challenge for us before every show. Patrons were frequently getting confused on when they could make reservations and when tickets were available for purchase. It also required logging in to set reservations for each show.


We researched many other theatre companies and we could find no other theatre company that was using a season ticket system like we were using. While we know this may be a change to our long-time subscribers, we think it will be much more familiar to most theatre goers.


It also gives us the ability to see how a show is selling well in advance and determine if we need to add additional performances rather than quickly during the show's run.

Please call our box office, email us, or come in during our box office hours. Subscription sales are always available from our box office staff, and they would be more than happy to assist you!

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