Seating Options

Over the years with the support of many generous donors, our “little theatre” has grown to accommodate many different needs. Take a tour with us of your seating options.

Every performance begins with a visit to our lobby where you can buy your tickets or pick up tickets at the Will Call window.

Our Lobby Awaits You

Main Floor

Our main floor contains the bulk of our seats and affords an intimate view of our stage.

The View From The Front

Row G - Left Wing (Seats 1 & 2)
Row G Center
Row G - Right Wing (Seats 9 & 10)

The View From The Rear

Row K - Left Wing (Seats 1 & 2)
Row K Center
Row K - Right Wing (Seats 9 & 10)

Accessible Seating

PM&L offers accessible seating in the right and left wings of the last row on the main floor. These seats feature two chairs, one or both can be removed, to accommodate patrons needing mobility or medical equipment.

Accessible Seats with Chairs
Accessible Seats with Chairs Removed


Our balcony offers a variety of views as well as price points. Extensively remodeled during our last major renovation you will get a wonderful elevated view of the performance.

Please note that our balcony is only accessible by stairs.

Our Balcony Lobby

“Balcony Boxes”

Left Balcony Chairs 1 & 2, and Right Balcony Chairs 11 & 12 offer a unique box-like view of the stage and have become very popular with our patrons.

Balcony Left Chairs 1 & 2
Balcony Right Chairs 11 & 12

Main Balcony

Balcony Row AA Center
Balcony Row CC Center

Obstructed View

Our obstructed view seats offer a lower price point. Most patrons in these seats lean over the railing to get a better view of the stage. Because of this tendency and the safety of our patrons, these seats (Left Balcony Chairs 3-6, Right Balcony Chairs 7-10) are only available to patrons 14-years-old and older.

Balcony Left Obstructed View Chairs
Balcony Right Obstructed View Chairs
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