(Recorded) Live on Main Street!

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Featuring Sweet and Twenty by Floyd Dell
and Yesterday by Colin Campbell Clements

Two classic early 20th Century plays study the intricacies and comedy of love and relationships.

About The Shows

Sweet and Twenty is the product of playwright Floyd Dell’s momentary heartache, after being stood up by his latest love interest at the time of writing.

The young woman and the young man meet in the cherry orchard of a property each is involved in potentially purchasing. After realizing that both of them are single, the young man impetuously declares his love for her. Although she initially resists, their mutual attraction is clear and the couple embrace. Upon realizing that there is nothing in the way of marrying each other, they take a step back and begin to question the institution of marriage and their own compatibility.

Yesterday features a lady and a British officer who find themselves in conversation at a party. They begin to talk about their past loves, only to discover that these are right in the room.

Cast & Production


Sweet and Twenty

  • April Noel
  • Josh Armstrong
  • James Kelleher
  • Caryl Davidson


  • Helen Harold
  • Randy Margison

Production Team

Floyd Dell
Colin Campbell Clements
Adam Armstrong
Terry O’Brien
Stage Manager
Madison Mantas
Make-up Advisor
Heather Kearney
Samantha Pinneo
Lighting Designer
Ken Albrecht
Sound Designer
Gene LeFave
Wes Mrowka
Keith Stateler
Stage Crew
Faith Reidinger

Ticketing Information

  • PM&L is asking for donations to support this virtual performance.
  • You can make any donation amount you would like, our suggested donation is $10.
  • After your donation, you will be emailed links to view the performances.
  • We ask that you please not share your viewing link with others.

Running Time

Sweet & Twenty
25 minutes
16 minutes

Content Advisory

We do our best to describe content for every show but sensitivities can always vary. This show contains adult  themes and might not be suited for young children.

In Rehearsal!



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