Auditions Request Form

Please use this form in order for your auditions to be set up on the website and promoted accordingly. Please note, this is a labor-intensive process, this form should be completed no later than one week before you want your notices to go out.

Things We Do

  • Update the auditions page with your audition information.
  • Set up the booking of appointments and your notifications if you request them.
  • Send two emails to our auditions list, the first a month before your auditions, the second a week before.
  • Post your auditions notice to Stage Agent and the Chicago Theatre Chat, IL-WI Stateline Community Theatre, and Acting Auditions SE Wisconsin Facebook groups.

Things We Don't Do

  • Have any knowledge or participation in setting your audition dates – this is for you to set up and let us know about (yes, you need to let us know when they are).
  • Email patrons or post your auditions to the PM&L Facebook page – these are sales channels for us. Once a year we use these to generally ask for actors and volunteers.
  • Email the press or send press releases.
  • Remind you about when your audition notice is due.

Things You Can Do (and we suggest)

  • Let us know about special needs you have for casting your show to gameplan how we might best tackle them.
  • Post to Facebook groups or other social media outside of the ones we cover.
  • Send a request to newspapers to include your auditions in their community notices.
  • Reach out to previous performers to encourage them to audition for you.
  • Be patient – we’ve found many actors will wait, research, and consider before signing up to audition. You may get many sign-ups at the last minute.

Form Notes

Audition Types

Cattle Call
Everyone shows up when they want at the specified times. You get to sort it out.
Auditioners sign up for an audition slot as part of a group at a size you specify.
Auditioners sign up for an audition time one at a time to read with you and your production team.

Group Needs

Groups can be set up simply or they can be more complex to aid you in the audition process.


You specify how large you would like your group to be. Any auditioner can sign up for a slot as long as there is space available. Once the maximum number of slots available for that group are taken, it will no longer appear as an option.


Have a show where you want people auditioning for a certain role to read with each other? We can set up your groups so there are slots within the group available for certain roles.

For example, you are directing A Christmas Carol and you want your Bob Cratchits to read with children. You can specify a certain number of Bob Cratchits to read with a certain number of children.

Or perhaps you have a star vehicle and you want auditioners for that role to audition longer and read with different groups, you can set longer times for that role against groups with shorter times.

This is highly customizable so your answer here indicates we need to talk and get specifics.

Auditions Setup Request

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