July 15 - 17, 2022

By Gabriel Emanuel

delve into the mind of one of the world's greatest geniuses in his Princeton study on his 70th birthday.

About The Show

He had the finest creative mind of this century, yet he often seemed incredibly naïve about social and political matters. he was an ardent pacifist, yet it was his theory equating mass and energy that led to the atomic bomb, the most destructive weapon known to man.

Albert Einstein is a fascinating study of contradictions and paradoxes. And Einstein, a play by Gabriel Emanuel…is an engaging portrait of the man, laced with humor yet managing to convey some of the complexities and difficulties with which he struggled.

— Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

Presented by special arrangement with the author.

Cast & Production


Albert Einstein
Fran Jansta

Production Team

Gabriel Emanuel
Fran Jansta
Adam Armstrong
Stage Manager
Kathy LeFave
Assistant Stage Manager
Trish Jansta
Scenic Design
Fran Jansta
Mark Audrain
Ken Albrecht
Lighting Desig
Fran Jansta
Ken Albrecht
Sound Design
Fran Jansta
Set Design
Fran Jansta


Ticketing Information

Box Office Opens
July 11
General Admission Seating

Running Time

90 minutes plus a 15-minute intermission.

Content Advisory

We do our best to describe content for every show but sensitivities can always vary. This show should be suitable for all ages.

Meet the Cast

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