It Runs in the Family

September 20 - October 6, 2019

By Ray Cooney

A classic farce from England's master farceur.
Guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

About The Show

Britain's master farceur (Two Into One, Run For Your Wife, et al. ) is at it again. Set in a hospital, It Runs in the Family contains the usual assortment of farcical nuts running in and out of doors mistaking everybody for someone else, as Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex wife, a punkish son and various other lunatics so that he may, at last, deliver the Ponsonby Lecture in an international conference.

Performance Photos

Rehearsal & Promo Photos

Cast & Production


Dr. David Mortimore
Matthew Leptich
Dr. Hubert Bonney
Matthew Craig
Dr. Mike Connelly
Donny Myers
Jane Tate
Erin Booth
Rosemary Mortimore
Heather Kearney
Leslie Tate 
Julian Wilkerson
Chris Jones
Sir Willoughby Drake
Leo Kalisz
Bonnie Hart
Sergeant Connelly
Chris Brouton
Bill Lesley
Terry O’Brien
Mother Bonney
Dianne Hosken

Production Team

Ray Cooney
Jim Behr
Michelle Self
Stage Manager
Hilary Schneider
Assistant Stage Manager
Laney Bell
Scenic & Lighting Design
Mark Audrain
Sound Design
Mike Kavka
Costume Design
Lindsey Badtke
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, New York, New York.

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